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Decorated Sugar cookies are $25 a dozen

  Cookies- all drop cookies are 3 inches in size 

Chocolate chip- $15 a dozen

Peanut Butter $15 a dozen

Sugar undecorated $15 a dozen

Sugar with buttercream frosting $20 a dozen

Oatmeal raisin $15 a dozen

Jam Thumbprints $15 a dozen

White Chocolate Macadamia nut (these are $25 a dozen due to the cost of the macadamia nuts)

Snowball cookies $10 a dozen

Peanut butter blossoms $20 a dozen

Shortbread $15 a dozen

Cranberry orange shortbread $15 a dozen

Lace cookies $15 a dozen

Crème filled oatmeal cookies $20 a dozen

Gingerbread cookies $15 a dozen

Pumpkin spice cookies $15 a dozen

Snickerdoodles $15 a dozen

Stained glass cookies $20 a dozen

Melting snowman cookies $20 per dozen

No-bake peanut butter cookies $15 a dozen

Not bake chocolate cookies $15 a dozen

No-bake peanut butter chocolate cookies $15 a dozen

Toffee chip cookies $15 a dozen

Peanut butter chip cookies $15 a dozen

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies $15 a dozen

Mint chocolate blossoms $15 a dozen

Kitchen sink cookies $20 a dozen

Red velvet white chocolate cookies $20 a dozen

Paint your own cookies (PYO) (these are $25 per dozen as they are more detailed)

Peppermint patty cookies $15 a dozen

Polish Kolaczki cookies $20 a dozen

Butter cookies $15 a dozen

Oreo cookies $15 a dozen

Dark chocolate mint M&M cookies$15 a dozen

Andes mint grasshopper cookies $15 a dozen

Chocolate cheesecake cookies $20 a dozen

Cream cheese sugar cookies $20 a dozen

Peppermint double chocolate chunk cookies $20 a dozen

Peppermint meringue cookies $15 a dozen

Meringue cookies (different flavors) $15 a dozen

Rudolph peanut butter cookies $15 a dozen

Turtle thumbprint cookies $15 a dozen

Fudge crackled chocolate cookies $15 a dozen

Linzer cookies with your choice of filling (raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, cherry, etc.) $25 for two dozen as they are small

Candy cane cookies $15 a dozen

  Hot chocolate cookie cups  $15 a dozen

Candy cane snowballs $15 a dozen

Lemon snowdrops $15 a dozen

Orange creamsicle cookies $15 a dozen

Key lime cookies $15 a dozen

Christmas tree cookie stacks $15 a dozen


All regular cakes come in the following sizes- these are all triple layers with your choice of frosting

Decorated with your choice of icing and decoration. These are basic prices for cakes the higher the level of detail the more expensive the cake will be. Two-tier cakes are also more expensive

4# round cake  $20

6” round $30 (otherwise known as a smash cake)

8” round $40

10” round $50

12 inch round $65







Key Lime

Red Velvet



White Chocolate



Pound (coconut, key lime, orange, sour cream, cream cheese, banana, raspberry, [pecan pie, marble) $20 per loaf (large)


Cherry Dr. Pepper cake

White chocolate raspberry

White Velvet

Pink Velvet

Black Velvet

Blue Velvet

Hummingbird care

Poke cakes ( pumpkin, chocolate, strawberry, coconut, lemon

Caramel, caramel, and chocolate.) $35 for a 13x9 pan

Tres Leches ($35 for 9x13 pan)

  Frostings for cupcakes and cakes are:

Vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream, strawberry buttercream

Cream cheese, whipped cream, lemon whipped cream, whipped/cream cheese icing,

Peppermint whipped cream frosting, peppermint buttercream, Butterfinger frosting, pineapple frosting, blueberry frosting, and marshmallow buttercream

Fillings for cakes and cupcakes are: lemon, strawberry, apple, coconut, pineapple, peanut butter, white cream, chocolate cream, key lime, Nutella, cookies and cream, raspberry preserves, grape jelly, strawberry jelly, caramel


Regular size are $25 a dozen

Miniature sized are $25 for two dozen 

If they are stuffed with a filling (your choice) its $30 a dozen.

Cupcakes can be decorated for the season. Just give me the idea that you want and we will put it on a cupcake.

Cupcake cakes are $40 to add filling to inside of cupcakes is an additional $10

Yellow Pina Colada

Vanilla Maple Bacon





Key Lime

Red Velvet



White Chocolate




White chocolate raspberry

White Velvet

Pink Velvet

Black Velvet

Blue Velvet


Peanut butter balls (buckeyes) ($20 two dozen)

Peanut butter fudge ($15)

Chocolate fudge ($15)

Peanut butter chocolate fudge ($15)

Potato candy ($20 3 dozen pieces)

Peppermint bark ($15 for 1 dozen large pieces)

Christmas crack ($10 a bag)

Caramel fudge ($15)

Coconut mounds fudge ($15)

Orange Creamsicle fudge ($15)

Crockpot candy ($10 a bag)

Reindeer rice crispies ($1.50 cents each)

Chocolate covered strawberries $18 per dozen plain or $22 per dozen with glitter, nuts, sprinkles etc. 

Chocolate covered pretzels ($20 for 2 dozen, these are decorated with different sprinkles, peppermint, etc)

Chocolate covered Oreos $15 a dozen

Chocolate spoons for cocoa (white chocolate, milk chocolate and both with peppermint) $2 each or 3 for $5

Cream cheese mints $15 for 3 dozen

Peppermint patties $20 for 3 dozen

Peppermint fudge ($15)

Chocolate toffee

Sticky paws

Strawberry fudge ($15)

Butter Pecan fudge ($15)

Mounds fudge ($15)

Almond joy fudge ($15)

Butterfinger fudge ($15)

Pralines $3 each

White chocolate raspberry fudge ($15)

Peanut brittle ($15)

Brownies, Chocolate chip and sugar cookie Bars ($20 a dozen)

Pumpkin pie bars $20 a dozen

Pecan bars $20 a dozen

Peppermint brownie bars $20 a dozen

  Grinch brownies  $20 a dozen

Turtle brownies $20 a dozen

Caramel fudge brownies $20 a dozen

Chocolate peanut butter buckeye brownies $25 a dozen

Snickers brownies $20 a dozen 

Red velvet truffle brownies $20 a dozen

Raspberry almond bars $20 a dozen

Lemon crème bars $20 a dozen

Cake batter brownies $20 a dozen

Cherry crumb bars $20 a dozen

Chocolate marshmallow brownies $20 a dozen

Chocolate and coconut crème bars $20 a dozen 

Coconut bars$20 a dozen

Lemon Brownies $20 a dozen 

Raspberry Cheesecake Bars $20 a dozen

Cinnamon roll cheesecake bars $20 a dozen

Key lime bars or brownies $20 a dozen

Gingerbread cookies $20 a dozen

Churro cheesecake bars $20 a dozen

Carrot cake blondies $20 a dozen

Pies $18 for a ten-inch pie


Dutch Apple




Key Lime

Banana Crème

Coconut Crème

French Silk

Peanut Butter Pie

Cakesicles are $20 a dozen and are basically the same as cake flavors. More detailed cakesicles are an increase in price.

Truffles are $15 dozen


Egg Nog

White chocolate candy cane

Peppermint oreo


Hot chocolate cheesecake

Sugar cookies

Peppermint chocolate

Orange creamsicle

Apple pie

Brownie bombs

Bailey cheesecake

Red velvet

Reese’s peanut butter Oreo

Lemon Raspberry



Peanut butter cheesecake


Pecan pie


Thin Mint

Chocolate and coconut

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Salted caramel

Key lime

Cookies and crème



Cinnamon bun

White chocolate raspberry


Kahlua chocolate


Trifles (layered cake, pudding, whipped cream) $35 comes in own bowl

Strawberry shortcake

Reeses Peanut butter

Red Velvet

Peppermint brownie

Pecan praline caramel



Caramel Rolo brownie


Lemon berry

Strawberry cheesecake



Chocolate cheesecake

Banana split

Brownie mocha

Turtle pound cake

Chocolate Oreo cheesecake brownie

Baileys chocolate cheesecake


Carrot cake cheesecake

Tres leches coconut crème

Pineapple upside down

Pina colada

Caramel apple

Salted caramel brownie



Banana pudding

Black forest cheesecake brownie

Chocolate toffee


Miscellaneous (will be updated during each holiday season)

Mason jar Gifts $10

Friendship soup jar

Fudgy brownie mix jar

Apple cinnamon pancakes jar

Banana bread jar

Christmas cookies mix in a jar

M&& Brownie mix in a jar

Melted Snowman hot chocolate gift jar

Snowman wrapped Hershey bars $2

Grinch pills $2

Naughty or nice pills $2

Candy cane sleds $2.50

Do it Yourself Cookie Boxes

Eight cookies, two of each design, two frostings and two containers of sprinkles are $12

Twelve Cookies, three of each design, three frostings and three containers of sprinkles are $16

Sixteen cookies,  four of each design, four frostings and four containers of sprinkles are $20

Extra large box, twenty four cookies, six of each design, six frostings, and six containers of sprinkles $25 

Gift Boxes for any occasion 

You can mix and match any of the following-

chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered pretzels, decorated sugar cookies, chocolate roses, cakesickles, cheesecake stuffed roses, brownies, rice krispie treats, chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookie bars cut into the shape of the holidays (lips, hearts, trees etc) These bars can be dipped in chocolate or covered with buttercream frosting. 

Small box- choose eight items $12

Medium box chose 12 items $16

Large Box chose 16 items $20

Extra large box chose 20 items $25

I also make certain items gluten free or sugar free, just ask. 

Also available are chocolate dipped apples $5 each or cheesecake stuffed apples dipped in chocolate $6 each

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